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Our Accredited Online College Courses

The Linfield College's Online and Continuing Education Program offers an accredited online program geared toward our degrees and certificates, making advancing in your current field or exploring a new career path possible for any student with internet access.  

Having offered online courses for over 10 years, we have learned how to help students succeed in what can sometimes be a challenging environment. Even the most motivated students worry that the online experience can become impersonal; however, in the Linfield College Adult Degree Program, we work tirelessly to ensure that students receive the individual attention their academic goals require. 

Our rich variety of online college courses allow students to develop the industry-relevant skills and competencies required by employers through the help of qualified faculty and academic advisors.

View the Year Long Plan for all online degree and certificate courses offered over the next year.

You may also view course syllabi organized by semester when offered here.


Course availability subject to change.

Art and Visual Culture

AAVC-110  Introduction To Visual Culture
AAVC-382  Creative Development Studio

Business - Accounting

BNAC-260  Financial Accounting
BNAC-261  Managerial Accounting
BNAC-361  Intermediate Accounting I
BNAC-362  Intermediate Accounting II
BNAC-461  Cost Accounting
BNAC-464  Government and Not For Profit Accounting
BNAC-466  Advanced Accounting
BNAC-468  Federal Income Tax
BNAC-469  Auditing

Business - Finances

BNFN-341  Financial Management
BNFN-447  Investments

Business - General Business

BNSS-250  Contemporary Business
BNSS-340  Business Law I
BNSS-350  The Management of Sport
BNSS-435  International Business Law
BNSS-440  Business Law II
BNSS-495  Strategic Management

Business - Management

BNMG-310  Orgnztnl Behavior & Mangmnt
BNMG-380  Industrial & Organizational Psychology
BNMG-405  Human Resource Management
BNMG-409  Leadership
BNMG-410  International Management
BNMG-415  Business, Ethics and Society
BNMG-436  Topics In Management

Business - Marketing

BNMK-321  Marketing
BNMK-420  Sales and Sales Management
BNMK-421  Promotions Management
BNMK-426  International Marketing
BNMK-427  Topics In Marketing

Computer Science

COMP-152  Programming & Object Structures
COMP-250  Database Program Development
COMP-252  Systems Administration and Networking Concepts
COMP-301  Digital Forensics
COMP-302  Software Engineering
COMP-382  Management Information Systems
COMP-404  Operations Management
COMP-450  Database Administration
COMP-484  Operations Research


ECON-210  Principles of Economics


EDUC-303  Education In A Diverse Society


ENGL-200  Intro To Creative Writing
ENGL-270  Western American Literature
ENGL-304  Environmental Literature
ENGL-305  Diverse Voices In Literary Expression
ENGL-316  Reading and Writing Poetry
ENGL-317  Reading and Writing Fiction
ENGL-377  Fundamentals of Research Writing
ENGL-395  Directed Reading

Environmental Studies

ENVS-040  Community Service
ENVS-107  Energy & The Environment (also Listed As Phys 107)
ENVS-201  Environmental Science
ENVS-305  Environmental Issues and The Physical Science
ENVS-308  Water Resources

Health Sciences

HSCI-098  Medical and Health Terminology
HSCI-250  Intro To Public & Community Health
HSCI-320  Health & Social Policy
HSCI-330  Global Health
HSCI-360  Science: A Candle In The Dark

Health, Human Performance and Athletics

HHPA-050  Stress Management Practice
HHPA-071A  Yoga: Mindfulness
HHPA-071B  Yoga: Vinyasa
HHPA-071C  Yoga: Exploratory
HHPA-099  Topics In Health & Fitness
HHPA-215  Introduction To Yoga
HHPA-230  Stress Management
HHPA-270  Core Concepts of Health & Human Perform
HHPA-280  Nutrition
HHPA-305  Coaching Theory
HHPA-422  Planning & Evaluation In Health Education
HHPA-485  Coaching As A Profession


HIST-122  History World Civilization I
HIST-150  Survey of Us History
HIST-200  Modern China
HIST-214  Independence and Inequality In Latin America
HIST-252  History of The Us West
HIST-285  Methods of HISTorical Research
HIST-302  Topics In European History
HIST-304  Topics In Latin American History
HIST-330  History of Religion In America (also Listed As RELS 330)
HIST-360  History of Modern Britain
HIST-371  Race and Minority Cultures In The United States
HIST-375  History of Baseball
HIST-390  Slavery In The Americas
HIST-490  Research

Interdepartmental Studies

IDST-008  Online Colloquium
IDST-052  Career Planning & Preparation
IDST-090  Global Issues Forum
IDST-205  Fundamentals of Wine
IDST-250  Writing The Portfolio
IDST-320  History of Western Thought I
IDST-490  Arts and Humanities Research Project

Mass Communication

MSCM-150  Living In A Media World
MSCM-343  Social Media Theory and Practice


MATH-105  Intermediate Algebra
MATH-140  Introduction To Statistics
MATH-161  Introduction To Finite Mathematics
MATH-162  Finite Mathematics and Calculus


MUSC-135  Understanding Jazz
MUSC-137  American Popular Music


NURS-245  Evolution of Nursing
NURS-308  RN-BSN Transition To Professional Practice
NURS-310  RN-BSN Professional Communication In Health Care
NURS-321  RN-BSN Evidence-based Nursing
NURS-343  Health Disparities Populations and Healthcare Practice
NURS-362  Palliative Care Nursing
NURS-462  RN-BSN Population-based Nursing
NURS-472  RN-BSN Nursing Leadership
NURS-476  RN-BSN Integrated Experiential Learning IV
NURS-480  Is: RN-BSN Integrated Experiential Learning Supplement


PHIL-160  Philosophy East & West (also -listed As RELS 160)
PHIL-215  Bioethics
PHIL-350  Modern Philosophy


PHYS-107  Energy & The Environment (also Listed As ENVS 107)

Political Science

POLS-310  American Political Thought
POLS-315  Politics and Religion (also Listed As RELS 315)
POLS-372  Islamist Movements In Middle Eastern Politics


PSYC-101  Survey of Psychology
PSYC-155  Lifespan Developmental Psychology
PSYC-200  Social Psychology
PSYC-340  Topics In Psychology
PSYC-355  Learning, Memory, and Behavior

Religious Studies

RELS-120  Old Testament
RELS-130  New Testament
RELS-160  Philosophy East & West (also Listed As Phil 160)
RELS-215  Introduction To Yoga
RELS-218  Buddhism
RELS-306  Spirituality & Care For The Earth
RELS-315  Politics and Religion (also Listed As Pols 315)
RELS-330  History of Religion In America (also Listed As HIST 330)

Sociology and Anthropology

SOAN-240  Utopias/dystopias
SOAN-299  Special Topics In Sociology
SOAN-308  Social Research Methods
SOAN-360  Contemporary Culture
SOAN-365  Urban Society and Culture
SOAN-490  Sociology/anthropology Research/thesis

Sociology and Anthropology - Anthropology

ANTH-332  Medical Anthropology

Theatre and Communication Arts

TACA-040  Community Service

Theatre and Communication Arts - Communication Arts

TCCA-230  Intercultural Communication: Global Perspectives