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Online Human Resource Management Certificate

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Linfield’s Human Resource Management Certificate Program is designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to contribute to any business, whether one is a branch manager or member of the human resources team. Small business owners and entrepreneurs will also find this program valuable in managing their business.  Students can be either newcomers to human resources or those with experience seeking to keep current in the field or expand their knowledge base. Demand for HR professionals is expected to grow much faster than average in the next decade compared to other fields, according the U.S. Government Bureau of Labor Statistics.

All classes in the Linfield HR Certificate Program are offered online. 

Classes are available 24/7, making them perfect for students with schedules that demand flexibility.  With Internet access you can work from anywhere in the world.  Linfield College is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities and is a private non-profit college.

Linfield’s Human Resources Certificate course sequence is designed with flexibility, which ensures that students gain expertise in areas that are of interest to them and to enhance their career opportunities.  In addition to two core courses, students choose from two of the four electives offered. 

Linfield’s Human Resource Management Certificate Program requires four courses to be completed. The Human Resource Management Certificate begins with BNMG 301 followed by BNMG 405 and two additional courses. After completing BNMG 301, the certificate student may take one or two of the remaining courses each semester as they are offered in the curriculum plans.

Requires completion of two core courses:

BNMG 301 Management
The key decision-making role of managers in modern organizations. Includes the study of organization, management styles, and selected administrative problems. 4 credits.

BNMG 405 Human Resource Management
Techniques for administering the personnel function. Organizing, staffing, recruiting and placement, performance appraisal, training and development, wage and benefit administration, labor relations, and auditing manpower requirements. Prerequisite: MATH 140. 4 credits.

Plus two of the following:

BNSS 380 Industrial Organizational Psychology
Role of psychological principles in personnel selection, testing, human engineering, employer/employee relations, production efficiency, training, and safety.   3 credits.

BNMG 407 Organizational Behavior
The individual in the organization. Participation, leadership, motivation, communication, decision-making, team development, conflict resolution, and adaptation to change. 4 credits.

BNMG 436 Topics (Depending on Topic)
Selected topics in management designed to provide a more detailed examination of a specific facet of management studies. Course uses small group discussion and intensive class participation. Open to juniors and seniors pursuing a major or minor in business. May be repeated with consent of instructor when the management topic is substantially different. Prerequisite: 301. 4 credits

Mathematics Proficiency:
MATH 140 or its academic equivalent must be completed prior to enrolling in BNMG 405.

Curriculum Plan for Fall Entry
Human Resource Management Certificate

Fall  Winter  Spring  Summer 
BNMG 301 BNSS 380 BNMG 405 BNMG 407
MATH 140   BNMG 436  

Curriculum Plan for Spring Entry
Human Resource Management Certificate

Spring  Summer  Fall  Winter 
BNMG 301 BNSS 407 BNMG 405 BNSS 380
  MATH 140 BNMG 436  

"Fast Track" Curriculum Plan for Fall Entry
Human Resource Management Certificate

For students who have completed BNMG 301 and MATH 140 or an equivalent transfer courses.

Fall  Winter  Spring 
BNMG 405 BNSS 380 BNMG 436

"Fast Track" Curriculum Plan for Spring Entry
Human Resource Management Certificate

For students who have completed BNMG 301 and MATH 140 or equivalent transfer courseS.

Spring Summer  Fall 
BNMG 405 BNSS 407 BNMG 436
  BNSS 380  

Students can complete the Human Resource Management Certificate within nine to eleven months, depending on the number of classes taken per semester. 

For those interested in SHRM (Society of Human Resource Management) certification, this program can assist in gaining employment in the Human Resources area, which is a requirement for SHRM certification.  Read more about the difference between this HR certificate program and HR certification.

The Human Resource Management Certificate complements a Bachelor’s degree and demonstrates that you have attained additional knowledge in the field of human resources. Students may earn the HRM Certificate before completion of a bachelor’s degree or as a post baccalaureate credential to increase one’s knowledge and experience. The HRM Certificate may be earned simultaneously with the Linfield College bachelor’s degrees by students who are majoring in accounting, business information systems, marketing, international business, nursing, social and behavioral sciences and arts and humanities. The bachelor’s degree in the management major requires the core courses in human resource management, therefore it is not permitted to combine with the HRM Certificate as in the case of the other majors.   

To view a list of Linfield’s upcoming courses, check out our Year Long Plan.

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Wondering what it would be like to complete a Human Resources Certificate online?  Read our Guide to Online College for Adults.

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